Kingdom Harvest Whole Spectrum Canine Hemp Extract 15ml

Kingdom Harvest Whole Spectrum Canine Hemp Extract 15ml


Kingdom Harvest Canine contains Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract that is rich in naturally-occurring phytonutrients including: CBD, CBDa, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids and more from the plant to promote health and wellness in our canine friends.

Like people, dogs have endocannabinoid systems that help regulate many different systems and functions in their bodies. A daily regimen of Kingdom Harvest Canine helps provide balance to their endocannabinoid system, improving their quality of life and yours.

We recommend two servings per day: one in the morning and one in the evening before meal times. A graduated dropper is provided to measure the serving. See chart below for recommended serving size.

For maximum effectiveness, draw up the serving into the graduated dropper and dispense the serving into your dog’s empty food bowl, then allow them to lick it up. Alternatively, you may mix the serving into a small amount of peanut butter or into their meals.

Just like people, dogs are unique and may require a different serving size to meet your goals. Start with the recommended servings for one week and then increase the serving size by 50% for another week and so on, if necessary.

Our hemp extract oil for dogs is formulated to be effective in relatively small servings and are independent-laboratory tested for potency and safety.

Weight (lbs) Serving Size (drops or mL)

10 3 drops

 25 6 drops

500 .25 mL

750 .375 mL

1000 .5 mL

1500 .75 mL

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